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Faux wood venetian blinds - Panache Blinds

Faux wood venetian blinds


Faux wood Venetian Blinds

Now we have all seen Venetian blinds fitted in many types of building haven’t we, It’s hard to believe that only the well off used to have custom made Venetian blinds fitted. They used to be a show piece and if you had wood blinds fitted, well you was on the way to being a millionaire.

Times have changed due to the internet as poor quality cheaply made blinds flood the market. Sadly not everything which shines is gold but still the shoppers hunt and try to find the bargain of their lifetime. Many people call blind companies out to look at samples thinking they are just the same blinds. Take photos and then order from the internet which price being they get call to action. Despair is the next emotion when they realise it’s not the same quality but still, they now have them and because they are not faulty can not be returned…

There is a resolution to this problem, buy our Faux wood Venetian blinds and look like that millionaire..

They are more cost efficient and more durable than the other types of Venetian blinds available. Why I hear you ask!!!!.

Simple because we check all our suppliers are correct and reliable.

This is our job to see your blinds are made right, We ensure that buy using our service you are taking the risk away from your purchase. You do not want to know which string, components are used or how it’s constructed but what you do want is a good quality blind fitted at the right price to you.

There are various colours available and various slat sizes to chose from.



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